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Reply to topic What are the differences among types of vacuum cleaners?
What are the differences among types of vacuum cleaners?

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You will see at least five types of vacuum cleaners on the market such as handheld, robot, upright, cylinder, bagged. If you are a beginner, you might get a little confused. Thus, in our page, we would like to make a comparison of four types of upright and cylinder, bagged and bagless, and how to distinguish the wet and dry vacuum cleaners. We hope with the information on How to choose the best vacuum cleaners you will find the best-rated vacuum cleaner for your house, which is suitable and meets all of your requirements.

Wet and dry vacuums

Both wet and dry vacuum cleaners can work well on ordinary dust and liquid. However, the main difference is that you can clean up the wider liquidation with the wet models. For instance, if you drop a bottle of water, a wet cleaner will clean it all quickly and save your paper towels. Even in case of a blocked washing machine waste pipe, you can vacuum without any difficulty. Besides, the wet cleaners can help you clean sawdust, plaster, or even brick dust. A wet vacuum will make your work lighter.

Bagged and bagless

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. With the bagless vacuum, there is no loose suction, just a smaller reduction because the vacuum will fill up. Also, the bagless offers so many different brands based on quality. You don’t need to buy the bag so that you can save your money for a long time. But, you have to have the filters cleaned at least once a month and leave them to dry at least 24 hours.

However, the bagless cleaners sometimes blow dust back to your room when you empty them if you are not careful. The weak point of bagless cleaners is a strong point of the bagged cleaners, which prevent the dust from coming back into your home because of the self-sealing. Thus, bagged vacuum cleaners are the best choice for allergy sufferers.

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Cylinder and upright

The cylinder is easy to store, but it is annoying to pull around. If you have a back problem, you should not choose this model because you have to bend down to pick it up sometimes. On the other hand, the upright cleaners will easily breeze across your floor. They have the larger cleaning heads, which can handle the larger area in only one sweep.

You might think that it is hard to clean under the furniture with an upright. Don’t worry. They have designed so many models that can solve this problem.

Robotic and handheld

These are two small and compact vacuum cleaners. The handheld vacuum is the better choice for cleaning small and narrow spaces such as in the car, while the robot vacuum cleaners look tiny but can handle the large surfaces of the floor. The robotic vacuum is one of the new inventions, which is portable, smart, and convenient. You don’t need to work too hard; it can control itself well. However, both of these vacuums are not as powerful as the others.

In conclusion, you should consider very carefully before making a purchase. Don’t be rushed if you cannot find The Best Vacuum Cleaners immediately. Everything takes time. Don’t worry, we are always here with you. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Enjoy your work!

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very interesting! Thanks
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Excellent reviews about the latest versions of the vacuum cleaner. As I was looking for the vacuum cleaner for my personal use which would be available at small side. Glad to have the excellent update of it here I really admire your amazing suggestion on that is just great.
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What are the differences among types of vacuum cleaners?
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