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a solid surface mounted on the vehicle body subframe. Many different materials can be used for flooring; some of the most common options include plywood, 2x6” spruce boards, 2x6” spruce tongue-and-groove (or shiplap), hardwood floorboards, checkerplate steel or aluminum, and extruded aluminum flooring. For additional application information, please see the Truck Body Buyers Guide.
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Pergo Flooring
By Matt Callen
As everyone knows there are many different ways of covering the floors of your homes and other places. For many people having wooden is an expense that they can’t afford. There is however another option to wooden available now. We can decide to have Pergo in our homes. Now you are probably confused about what Pergo is. This is a new company that offers you lots of different options. You can choose the main type of that Pergo is famous for. This is laminate flooring. However unlike the other types of laminate this laminate from Pergo has a special way of interlocking the planks of wood together. Pergo uses patented click joint system. These are called SmartLock and ProLoc. With these joining methods you can easily install any of their laminate flooring. You don’t have to be a very experienced person to assemble this in your home. To help seal the laminate

strips together you can use their patented sealing glue. Pergo is credited with being the first company to make laminate and their innovative methods have been used by many other companies. They are also known throughout the world for their highly innovated laminate designs. They also have a great reputation for world class designs and making sure that their client is satisfied with a wide selection of Pergo products. All of their products come in a wide variety of colors and styles. You can choose which of these Pergo products that you should install in your home. When you decide to buy any of the Pergo you will receive a warranty that you can depend on. Pergo can give laminate that imitates other types of looks and products like hardwood flooring. With Pergo you can get “faux” hardwood for much less than what you would normally pay. You can choose to have your floor in different types of natural wood finishes like maple, cherry, walnut, oak and English Black Walnut. Now you will need to decide if you want to have Pergo installed or if you would rather like another type of laminate flooring. Once you have chosen all of your options which include deciding on the type of laminate you can start the installation process. Once you have finally finished with all of the details you will be the proud owner of Pergo flooring.

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