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Stone Flooring
By Matt Callen
Many of the people in the world are now very environmentally conscious. For this reason when they look for material that will not only look nice but wear well many of them will choose to have stone in their homes. There are various types of stone materials that you can select to place on the ground. Now as with most material you will get the inexpensive and you can get the expensive material. The quality of the stone will therefore depend upon the type of stone that you get. There are certain types of stone that are traditionally used in flooring. These are marble, travertine, granite and agglomerated stone tiles. There are two types of marble that you can use for stone flooring. The normal polished kind has a veined appearance and it is a soft stone. To keep the polished marble in the best condition you will need to have it sealed with a natural stone sealer. The other type of unpolished marble has rough somewhat sponge like texture. Unlike the normal marble stone

flooring the unpolished marble comes in variations of its color pattern. There will not be any sign of other patterns or veins. As this stone has a somewhat rough feel to it your feet will feel comfortable while you are walking or standing on this floor. Since many of the qualities of polished marble are apparent in the rough cut marble stone you will still have that sumptuous and luxury feel to your flooring. The best way to apply this stone to your home is to fist prepared the ground. So you will need to select a base floor that is smooth, stable and very strong. You will need to set the marble tiles on the ground using white thin set mortar. Make sure that the position of the marble is how you want it before you press down on the mortar backing. As the marble is of an irregular shape your grout lines will not all be of an even width. This however adds an interesting touch to your stone flooring. The final process for most stone once they are ready for wear and tear, is being cut with a wet saw. As this stone is made from marble you will need to apply an acrylic sealer before you apply the grouting. Otherwise the grouting will seep into the stone and stain them. The other materials that you can use for your stone will need to be chosen for the type of room that will have them. All of these stone are quite attractive and they have they added advantage of being natural materials which counts when you want your home to be in harmony with the environment.

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