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Already have results with this Free Software...

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Please take a look at my sig and give me your honest opinion.

I had a look at your site - only the home page- and it looks fine to me.

All you need now is a million visitors a day, every day ...
Affiliate software - what is the best - by far if possible

Replies: 2
Views: 4553
I know this is a bit off the beaten track but some guys here I hope will have the answer

What is the best affiliate software on the market?

I am looking for something that will do the lot in ter ...
Slow grow the sites

Replies: 4
Views: 7602
A slow drip feed is essential to keep the sites on the SE's radar.

Article drip and keyword drip would be ideal although the sitemap would also require to be updated as well

blog & ping and cron

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an auto build feature would be invaluable in the long term

I would like to see the ability to post upfdtaed pages and ping them every X days
Hello Hello Everyone

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Hello you three

Not the first to post here but my first post.......unusual for me to post anywhere so thats a good sign.

Wishing you all well with the software

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