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"Do not eat too much" Japanese methods of health c

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In the era of COVID-19 slotxo Working from home Living a life of repressed for a long time (Japanese), many people tend to drink and eat explosive. And have an unstable mental problem Staying healthy isn't just about making healthy eating choices. But the gut must be healthy as well. Let's try to listen to the words of a medical professional better.

“It is a known fact that nerves and hormones are signals to each organ in the human body. Which this hormone is secreted from endocrine cells That is on the tongue for taste and in the organs of the body. "

In traditional medicine The part where these endocrine cells come together is called the "acupuncture point". When stimulated with a compress or acupuncture, the cells react and release hormones. So the pain eased.

“Especially the endocrine cells of the small intestine. Will secrete all the hormones present in the brain such as serotonin, somatostatin, neurotensin and enkefalin. "

However, if you continue to drink and eat explosively Fundamental pellet cells in the small intestine become full, and the secretion of hormones in the brain is delayed and a feeling of loss of motivation to survive.

“The mind is created by the gut, not the brain. Hormones in the brain will be secreted normally. "

If the small intestine is working normally The basic pellet cells are then normalized. The bacteria in the gut will work. And the immune and gastrointestinal tract will have the ability to increase absorption.

"In regards to the diet The foods you eat that feel cold are proof that they are not suitable for your body. So don't eat too much You need to control the amount of water and temperature in the small intestine to make it a habit. "

Helpful advice
Don't drink one gulp of water, but drink slowly, especially when thirsty. (Do not need to drink a lot of water Such as drinking two liters of water a day, which is "not true")

Belly wrap or put hot water in your feet before going to bed. It will help improve circulation and keep the intestines warm more effectively.

Don't lie down right after drinking alcohol. "Many patients are suspected of having laryngeal cancer because of the wheezing and discomfort in their throats, but they actually have reflux esophagitis," said Dr. Goshima Fumi Yuki, an otolaryngologist. This symptom is often associated with sleep apnea, so you should not eat or drink a few hours before bedtime, but if you eat and then go to bed, do not lie down, lying with your head elevated to about 30 degrees may help a little.

Who needs to work from home? Or working in the office for a long time Have acid reflux problems Try to apply them together for good health.

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"Do not eat too much" Japanese methods of health c
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